AJA Live Inc . Presents: the sound of beauty


POP Hits written and produced by music industry veteran, Darrell Lawrence, performed by new talented beauties. 

Darrell Lawrence is an established music and film industry professional with a long track record that includes Grammy Nominations, Gold and Platinum Records, and Radio Awards. He has been responsible for the commercial success of numerous major and independent recordings.

Calista B.

Simona Consentino

AJA Live Inc . Artists

This knock-out charmer of a single – and artist -- is a fine way to launch veteran writer/producer/impresario Darrell Lawrence’s new record label, AJA Live Inc., a conduit for his range of upcoming musical enterprises.


Latin Pop Star & Blackbelt Badass 

Sasha Prendes

Her single "Shake This", available in English and Spanish HERE, 

written and produced by Darrell Lawrence, 

charted #1 on the World and Euro Indie Music Charts, 




The music my Producer D. Lawrence and I do infuse traditional live acoustic instruments, with contemporary MIDI underscoring that always conveys not just meaningful lyrics, but the groove..and definitely quality.

French Radio Review from Aquitain FM

Music Video "Shake This"

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